Now that the Dodgers are Magically rich (see what I did there?), they need to spend a little cheddar to improve certain aspects of this club. I'm not talking about extending Clayton Kershaw in a couple years, I'm talking immediate, radical moves.

As in the beginning of the 2012 off-season at the very latest. The two guys I'd love to see the Dodgers target, assuming both go to free agency, are Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips and Phillies southpaw Cole Hamels.

We'll deal with Phillips a different day. Today, it's all about Cole.

First of all, let me remind you that Hamels just got a whole lot richer. After Matt Cain signed his massive contract extension with San Francisco yesterday, there's no way Hamels wasn't smiling ear-to-ear. How could he not? He's better than Cain and will probably command even more money this winter.

Understandable. He's going to be overpaid. So be it. But also understand, the Dodgers are going to have millions upon millions upon MILLIONS of dollars to spend.

And as great as Kershaw is, he can only pitch every four or five games. The rest of the rotation is very flimsy - you have the consistently inconsistent Chad Billingsley, the elderly Ted Lilly, and the new guys; Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano.

Lilly has had his moments in the past. He's had a fine career. But Bills, Harang and Capuano are all massive wastes of talent, occasional brilliant starts be damned. You can't win in this league with an Edwin Jackson-type as your number two. And that's exactly what the Dodgers have.

So, they need to go big. Spend big. And who better than a young, smart, electric lefty like Hamels? He's won the World Series MVP award and dishes nasty stuff season after season. Normally, you'd say he's a number three, how good can he be? Well, when your rotation counterparts are Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, being the third option is like being the hot triplet sister who shows up last.

That comparison made absolutely no sense. Anyway, I'm willing to celebrate the Dodgers ponying up a six-year, $126-128 million contract for this guy for many reasons.

Not least of which is that he has a disgusting sub-3.00 ERA and 20-win capability. With Kershaw and Hamels topping a rotation, and Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon in that lineup, you could have Hideki Irabu pitching in the 3-4-5 spots and you'll compete.

So the time is now. Let's go, Magic and friends. Start thinking about the mega-bucks you'll be throwing at Hamels for 2013. If you do, there might be a nice, shiny ring being fitted for your fingers in about 18 months.